July 2020: 

Game Design Challenge

Design a Game with Uno Cards

Gameplay Rules:

Failure to submit a game that follows the rules below will result in disqualification.


The focus of your design should be to create a totally unique game around cards from Mattel's Uno.


One game should take no more than 30 minutes.


Your game may ONLY include up to 1 deck (xx cards) of standard Uno cards (link).

Additional Details:

All submissions must be totally original and not currently published and/or for sale in any capacity.

Designs do not need to have any original or finalized artwork (free-use, placeholder artwork is fine, if necessary).


Any designs submitted will remain the intellectual property of the designer.

Submission Guidelines:

You may submit your design using the form below until 11:59 PM EST on Friday July 24th, 2020. 

Submissions should include the final rules to your game in a PDF format


ALL valid submissions will receive constructive feedback on their design and rules including thoughts on what worked best, ideas for improvements, etc..

The winning design will have their game featured in Volume 07 of The Board Game Bulletin in August, a free online magazine that includes

interviews with game designers, featured content creators, gaming news, upcoming Kickstarter projects and more...

Disclaimer: This contest is in no way sponsored by Mattel. 

Good luck to everyone and have fun!!!