November 2019: Game Design Challenge

Design a deck-building game using only standard playing cards.

Gameplay Rules:

Deck - Building in some format must be the primary mechanism.

The ONLY cards that may be used in your game are 1-2 standard decks of playing cards. (Yes, you may include Jokers if you wish)


You may create and include any other components in your game, but they must be formatted to be printable (submitted via PDF).

The game should play at least 2-4 players in no more than 45 minutes.

Additional Details:

All submissions must be totally original and not currently published and/or for sale in any capacity.

Designs that include any print and play components do not need to have any original or finalized artwork (free-use, placeholder artwork is fine, if necessary).


Any designs submitted will remain the intellectual property of the designer.

Submission Guidelines:

You may submit your design using the form below from Tuesday November 5th, 2019 through Monday November 18th, 2019.

Submissions should be in a PDF format and include both final rules (include player count and estimated playing time)

and any necessary, printable components. Playing cards do not need to be included in your PDF.


ALL submissions will receive constructive feedback on their design and rules including thoughts on what worked best, ideas for improvements, etc..

The winning design will have their game featured in the December Edition of Tabletop Insider, a brand new, free online magazine that will include interviews with game designers (in the first edition, we've got Jamey Stegmaier discussing player interaction), featured content creators, insightful articles, gaming news, upcoming Kickstarter projects and more...

Good luck to everyone and have fun!!!