Vowel   |  Blind Playtesting

Do you have a passion for board games and want to give your opinions on prototype board games? Cameron Art Games is actively seeking lead blind playtesters to receive and test a prototype copy of Vowel, our first game coming to Kickstarter in 2020:

Vowel is a fast-paced word game in which players will race against both time and each other to recognize words that have had their vowels removed! This one of a kind word game features over 400 unique word puzzles, a simple ruleset, and a unique scoring system that is sure to delight at ANY game night. 

In order to properly playtest this game, you will need to have access to a digital timer (phone/stopwatch), standard D6 dice, and the ability to print some game components as needed. Do you meet these requirements?
Are you willing and able to keep detailed notes of your playtesting sessions and/or record your playtesting sessions?
At what player count will you most often playtest? (Please select your best estimate.)
What age range(s) will your playtesters be in? (Select only those that apply.)
An important aspect of the blind playtesting process will be completing a large amount of playtests over a set period of time while being willing to adapt to rule changes. Can you commit to ensuring that your playtests are completed as instructed and in a timely and orderly fashion?
Sending out prototype copies of Vowel is a significant, although necessary, expense. Would you be willing to monetarily contribute towards the expense of manufacturing and shipping your prototype copy? NOTE: This is NOT a requirement. It is perfectly understandable if you are unable or unwilling to monetarily contribute. This will not impact your chances of being selected.