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BGB News - 1st Week of January 2021

Fantasy Flight Games has launched an all new map-building contest for fans of their hit civilization game Twilight Imperium. There are a good amount of details about the contest that I wont go into, but here's a brief overview of how it works from their website:

"Though players typically work together to build their galaxy for every new game, you can also construct a custom board on your own - and this is your chance to show off you map-building skills!"

In order to enter the contest, designers must create a custom map for the game following these specifications:

  • The map can use any red- or blue-backed system tiles from Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition or the Prophecy of Kings expansion.The nine hyperlane tiles can be used.

  • A single system tile cannot be used twice, including hyperlanes—only one copy of each product can be used.

  • The map must be playable by any factions—home systems cannot be used in the map design.

  • The map should adhere to the provided shape, and must include Mecatol Rex as well as an appropriate number of player home systems, but can vary in where Mecatol Rex and those home systems are placed. Hyperlanes may also be used to achieve nonstandard adjacency and resource scarcity.

There will be 6 winners selected (one for each player count) and each winner will have their final design featured in Volume 2 of the Imperial Codex.

For the full contest rules and and to find out how to submit your design, click here. The contest closes January 31st, 2021.

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