Fry Thief - Preview

Author: Cameron Art

Fry Thief

Player Count: 2 (up to 4 with 2 copies)

Playing Time: 5-10 min.

Designer: Patrick Rauland

Artist: Matt Franklin

Publisher: Laid Back Games

Year Published: 2019


"Fry Thief is a game about poor life choices. Like that time you tried to eat healthy and ordered a salad and your friend ordered a burger and fries." - Description from the publisher

In Fry Thief, 2 players (or up to 4 with 2 copies) face off in a battle to consume the most fries. One of you will be the burger player, starting off with a healthy plate full of fries to eat while other player (the salad player) will start off with nothing but greens. They will have to rely on clever card play to sneak fries from the burger player if they want to win.

A card game, Fry Thief is a tug of war of stealing, blocking and eating french fries by playing action cards with various immediate and ongoing effects. At the end of the game, players will score points for every fry they have, plus extra points if they wee able to dunk any of them in ketchup.

Game Play

Fry Thief is a micro game, consisting of a small deck of just 20 cards, plate cards, and fry & ketchup tokens. Setup is quick: Pick one player to be the burger player and one to be the salad player. Give each player a plate card, give the burger player all of the fry tokens and place the ketchup tokens in the middle of the table. Shuffle the deck of cards, give each player 3 cards and you're ready to go!

On your turn, you may either draw a card and play a card, or draw 2 cards. Each of the cards, when played, will either have an ongoing effect or an immediate effect that is resolved when you play it. This game is all about hand manipulation, crafting card combos and the tug-of-war of stealing fries. Cards like "Insatiable Hunger" and "I'm Not Done With That" will allow you to draw extra cards or retrieve cards from the discard pile. By playing certain cards in the right order, you can even play multiple cards in one turn.

As you steal cards from your opponent, they'll be moved from their plate to your plate, which you can then eat by removing them from your plate and setting them off to the side. Fries dunked in ketchup before you eat them will be worth extra points, but you have to be careful because those ketchup-covered fries could be stolen before you get to eat them.

There are 2 types of cards in the game, red cards and dual-purpose green & yellow cards. Red cards can be played by either player. The other cards in the game are where things get even more interesting. They can only be played on the proper side based upon which player you are: green = salad player & yellow = fry player. These double-sided cards are where the game really shine, giving the game a great replayability and giving each player their own unique style of play.

Play continues until all of the fries are eaten. Then, whoever has the most points (fries + ketchup) wins the game!

Final Thoughts

There's a lot to enjoy about this game, so here are the reasons why I think you'll love this game:

- If you appreciate games with silly, fun themes that are very well-implemented in both art and mechanics

- If you enjoy quick and easy to pull out and play when you have 5 minutes

- If you like games that are designed to be played at 2 players

- If you're a fan of tense, but easy to learn card-play (similar to games like Cover Your Assets, Love Letter, Exploding Kittens, etc...)

- If you enjoy player variability and powers, in addition to the differences between playing as the fry & salad player, Fry Thief also includes optional player roles to give the game some fun gameplay twists:

If you enjoy quick and easy 2-player games where you have to find ways to strategize with the hand they've been dealt, you will DEFINITELY enjoy Fry Thief. This game's theme is an absolute delight, the art is goofy and fun, and the gameplay is easy but just variable enough to keep things interesting.

If you are interested in ordering Fry Thief, you can check it out by clicking here.

Disclaimer: A free copy of Fry Thief was provided by the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest preview. All opinions written above are entirely my own.

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