Interview - Jesse Anderson

Meet the founder of the rapidly growing Youtube channel Quackalope, which is spreading positivity through board games one video at a time...

Who is the team behind Quackalope? 

The Quackalope Youtube channel was started by myself (Jesse) about two years ago. I wanted to connect with the community I had found in D.C., use my videography knowledge to produce high quality media, and pursue a long term career in the board game industry. Since then our team has expanded a few times, friends, partners, and other community members have helped us grow the platform! I can’t list everyone who has had an impact on Quackalope and our current position - but I am grateful for them all!

Jesse - I am the main host of Quackalope the videographer, editor, and duck enthusiast. I have been a freelancer for 8+ years working as a commercial, event, and portrait photographer for most of that career. I grew up in Wilmore, Kentucky - moving betten my grandparents and fathers' hours until I was in college. At the moment, Quackalope is my full time work!

Jan - Is the co-host of the show and one of my best friends. He is originally from Puerto Rico and currently works as a project manager for an architecture firm in Washington D.C. He reached out about 6 months into the journey and since the he has been there to film, brainstorm, and support the channel. He currently produces the podcasts, manages the writing team, and will be starting his series on the main channel this spring!

What are some of your favorite games to play right now?

At the moment I am playing more and more Euro style games - Terraforming Mars, Viticulture, Bus, Great Western Trail - to name a few. I am absolutely loving the exploration of drafting and worker placement mechanics. Along with that, games like Dune Imperium and Lost Ruins of Arnak are combining deck building and worker placement systems in such a wonderful way. My favorite games to play are story driven dungeon crawls or RPG simulators - Kingdom Death, Middara, and Spires End - to name a few. I love a good story, a wall of flavor text, and an adventure to be had!

For those unfamiliar with your channel, tell us a little bit about how this all started and what Quackalope is all about.

Quackalope started as the answer to a simple question “what do I do now”? I had a long term relationship come to an end, I was in between contracts, and I was looking for the next step or great pursuit of my life. I did not want to be a wedding photographer for my whole career, or stay in D.C. working in the Hill, or doing headshots for non-profits. Instead, I wanted to build a career I would enjoy, that would bring people joy, and would allow me to do exactly what I wanted to do every day already - play board games with my friends and connect with the community around them. The name Quackalope came from a brainstorming session, a series of random lists including gems like All Offline, Tuli Games, I Only Play Boggle, and more. Quackalope was unique, it stayed in my mind. It was adorable in the right way and just memorable enough! From there - the quacking grew as a natural habit!

As time has gone on, how has your channel changed? What is the biggest difference between Quackalope when you started and Quackalope now?

When I started Quackalope, I thought production quality was going to make all the difference. I overestimated how fancy I could make media and underestimated the community we were building within the space! Now, I am still editing too much, working long hours, and producing the best media I am able to - but the community is our main focus. The relationships we have built are absolutely incredible - I can’t wait to be able to visit and connect with everyone soon!

More to Come...

My biggest thanks to Jesse Anderson for agreeing to take part in this interview.

If you want to find out more about Quackalope, click here.

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