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Projects Launching in January 2021

Launching... Sometime in January

Primal: The Awakening

1 - 4 Players | 60 - 90 minutes

"Primal: the Awakening is a fully cooperative monster hunting miniature board game for 1-4 players set in a fantasy world where humans struggle to survive an untamed wilderness. The game is played in a series of multiple sessions throughout an epic campaign where you will take the role of hunters fighting monstrous creatures and unveiling mysteries about their origins."

Tinners' Trail

1 - 5 Players | 60 - 90 minutes

"Tinners' Trail is set in nineteenth century Cornwall. You are mining for copper and tin, attempting to sell when the prices are high. To reduce the cost of mining you can place developments, such as ports, adits, and trains. Once you have made your money you invest it in industries outside of Cornwall, which gains you victory points. The earlier you invest the better the return."

MOB: Big Apple

2 Players | 30 - 45 minutes

"Prohibition, New York City 1926. Two crime families battle for territory to extort local businesses and control backdoor distribution of spirits. Each family fights dirty, doing all they can to seize ownership of alcohol crates, even if that means sending rivals to sleep with the fishes. You are the boss of one of these families. Command your henchmen to gain the upper-hand in New York City by collecting crates, eliminating rivals, exposing moles, and tipping off the DA on your opponent.

Do you have what it takes to become Capo dei Capi?


2 - 4 Players | 60 minutes

"In the near future, the mega-corporations of the military-industrial complex have invested trillions developing cybernetically enhanced clone soldiers for off-world exploration. Seeking to build robust teams for future missions, and more importantly, to land lucrative government contracts, they have created special training islands. On these islands, they are able to simulate all of the deadly conditions their soldiers may face on remote planets.

To fund these expensive programs and the military-grade innovations built into their test subjects, the arms manufacturers have teamed up with media moguls to create and promote broadcast competitions live from the island’s training grounds. Thus was born “RELOAD”, the biggest TV show on the planet. The most charismatic and capable subjects now compete in front of millions of avid viewers, winning fame for themselves and fortunes for their creators."

Launching January 5th

Darwin's Journey

1 - 4 Players | 60 - 120 minutes

"Darwin’s Journey is a worker placement euro game by the award-winning Simone Luciani and Nestore Mangone. Players recall Charles Darwin’s memories of his adventure through the Galapagos islands, which contributed to the development of his theory of evolution.

With an innovative worker progression system, each worker will have to study the disciplines that are a prerequisite to perform several actions in the game, such as exploration, correspondence, gathering, and dispatch of repertoires found on the island to museums in order to contribute to the human knowledge of biology."

Launching January 8th


1 - 4 Players | 90 minutes

"Carnegie was inspired by the life of Andrew Carnegie who was born in Scotland in 1835. Andrew Carnegie and his parents emigrated to the United States in 1848. Although he started his career as a telegraphist, his role as one of the major players in the rise of the United States’ steel industry made him one of the richest men in the world and an icon of the American dream.

During the game you will recruit and manage employees, expand your business, invest in real estate, produce and sell goods, and create transport chains across the United States; you may even work with important personalities of the era. Perhaps you will even become an illustrious benefactor who contributes to the greatness of his country through deeds and generosity!"

Launching January 12th

Pingyao: First Chinese Banks

1 - 4 Players | 30 - 70 minutes

"Pingyao: First Chinese Banks is an economic dice-as-workers placement game in which players assume the role of famous Jin Merchants in the Qing Dynasty. During the blossoming age of banking, players will expand from Pingyao city to open agencies across China, offering remittance services to businessmen in order to earn profits. The goal of the game is to build up money over 8 rounds, and be the wealthiest player by the end."

Fallen Land: A Post Apocalyptic Board Game

2 - 5 Players | 120 - 300 minutes

"Set in a post-apocalyptic sci-fi setting, Fallen Land: A Post Apocalyptic Board Game is a hybrid game that combines the elements of a strategy board game, with card building and role-playing. It is driven by macabre stories of a world gone mad and features adventure, politics and economics to deliver an unlimited sandbox experience. Each game the variables change: cards, player interactions, stories, strategies and threats. While the game has a strong pulp influence, its roots stem from Cold War studies. We have expanded upon this research to arrive at our game’s premise: What would happen after a nuclear and biological apocalypse?"

Launching January 19th


1+ Players | 30 minutes

"Scribbletown is a tight, low-luck, roll-and-write for any number of players.Players draw areas such as neighborhoods, businesses, factories, farms, and parks that each score in different ways along with drawing the roads to connect them all. Each game is made different by the inclusion of a set of special building cards that can be drawn under special circumstances for big points. These special buildings help direct players into a strategy. But you must be careful when drawing! Certain types of roads and buildings generate waste and when you get too wasteful, an opponent can fill up one of your empty spaces with an unusable junk pile!"

Castles of Mad King Ludwig: Collector's Edition

1 - 5 Players | 90 minutes

"In the tile-laying game Castles of Mad King Ludwig, players are tasked with building an amazing, extravagant castle for King Ludwig II of room at a time. You see, the King loves castles, having built Neuschwanstein (the castle that inspired the Disney theme park castles) and others, but now he's commissioned you to build the biggest, best castle ever — subject, of course, to his ever-changing whims. Each player acts as a building contractor who is adding rooms to the castle he's building while also selling his services to other players."Launching January 21st

Maeshowe: An Orkney Saga

1 - 2 Players | 15 - 30 minutes

"According to the Orkneyinga Saga, Earl Rognvald Kali Kolsson broke into the chambered tomb of Maeshowe, on Orkney, in AD1150. In AD1153, Earl Harald Maddadson and a group of his men sheltered there during a snowstorm. The sagas tell us that Rognvald found treasure there and that two of Harald’s men went mad.

Alone or with a friend, players will on their turn need to play one card to the row and discard one. Managing their hand of five cards players need to make tough calls on what to play while carefully managing their resources of health, food and cards left in their draw deck."

Launching January 25th

Human Punishment: The Beginning

3 - 6 Players | 120 - 180 minutes

"Prepare for an epic cinematic cyberpunk adventure that will dominate your table. 3-6 players in hidden teams fight a last battle for humankind against the rise of the machines in this semi-coop mix of pick-up & deliver and deduction. A true experience for fans of Battlestar Galactica or Nemesis."

Launching January 28th


3 - 6 Players | 75 - 90 minutes

"Vigilante is a 3 to 6-player superhero-themed social deduction game. In Vigilante, you lead a team of heroes to imprison the various villains running free in the city. There are a variety of game modes depending on player preferences. The game plays in rounds, where players take actions to either fight (and imprison) villains, recruit new heroes, heal, or search for equipment and other helpful cards."

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